The Ghost of Grandpa Tong @ The 2016 Providence Children’s Film Festival

More SUPER EXCITING news!! We are absolutely ecstatic to announce The Ghost of Grandpa Tong will be playing mid February at the Providence Children’s Film Festival!!!!

The film will be playing in a program entitled TRY-umph Feb 13, 15, and 21st!!

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TIFF KIDS 2015!!

Once again I am ecstatic to be a part of another amazing TIFF Kids! As always, it’s great seeing other kids film enthusiasts, chatting about new projects and ideas, and… SEEING ALL THE GREAT NEW FLICKS FROM AROUND THE WORLD!!! Great job Liz Muskala and her fantastic team for another great year!!

Some of my favourite flicks so far (warning I cried in all of them):

Opposite Field

Definitely one of the most moving docs I’ve ever seen!

Youssef is Complicated


both Stealth and Youssef is Complicated are absolutely brilliant shorts that shed light on powerfully moving stories that too often go unnoticed and unheard.


Some films that I have tickets for and CANNOT WAIT to see!!

Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury

because the first Antboy was soooooooo SUPER!


because I am Shaun’s absolute biggest fan!

and so SOOOOOO many more!!

BEHIND THE SCENES: take a peek at how the films are made

We may only shoot for 3 or 4 days but a LOT of work is put into making the films both leading up to the shoot and after the shoot is done and the film is in post production.  There are also a whole lot of AMAZING people working real hard behind the camera making it all come together!




Behind The Scenes of: Paper Princes Gypsies and The Boy With No Return Address from Pennyfarthing Pictures on Vimeo.

Pitching a New Flick….Fingers Crossed!

I’ve been secretly working away on a new short film idea. Top secret for now but it’ll be a hilarious eye-popping, head rolling, womp’n stomp’n good time. An original 2D animated short that I wrote and created with character designs by my SUPER TALENTED pal Kathryn Durst .

We’ve got our fingers crossed that ‘Nick’ likes it and we get to make it!! STAY TUNED AND CROSS ALL YOUR DIGITS FOR US!!

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Spring Has Sprung!! Time to Take to the Streets and RIDE YOUR BIKE!!

I am a born and bred Toronto kid that has grown up riding the streets on two wheels and even one wheel! TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! So… get on your bike and HAVE FUN!!

This is a short doc I made for school in 2008 (when I was in 3rd year film production at Ryerson University) that celebrates my love of cycling in the city. It is a colourful parade of wheels, happiness, activism, and colour. Enjoy!

Pedal Power: Critical Mass Toronto (Short Documentary – 2008) from Pennyfarthing Pictures on Vimeo.


ReFrame’s Reel Kids Peterborough International Film Festival

This past January The Intergalactic Space Adventures of Cleo and Anouk played in its 12th film festival!!!!! Despite the cold kids from Peterborough Ontario (nice and close to home) attended ReFrame’s Reel Kids Peterborough International Film Festival where they were able to see our lovely flick alongside a bunch of other really amazing films!



Charles Street Video Artist Talk – Wednesday Feb 25th

Hiya pals!! as a Charles Street Video resident I’m be doing an artist talk thursday February 25th to talks about my filmmaking process and show some of my past works and talk a bit about my new upcoming film The Ghost of Grandpa Tong! C’mon out!!


Celeste’s Gallery Show at FINE & DANDY GALLERY – 2017 Dundas St. W

I put together my first gallery show this past January for Fine & Dandy a small window gallery at 2017 Dundas St. W.. The show was made up of my grandfather’s kodochrome slides that I scanned in digitally and retouched and printed large scale and hung alongside artifacts of his various arctic and mountaineering expeditions.


Meine grossvater (German for ‘my grandfather’), Fritz Müller climbed Everest!
He was part of the 1956 Swiss Everest/Lhotse (4th tallest mountain in the world) Expedition, they were the second team EVER to reach the summit of Everest (preceded by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.) My grandfather was a geographer and glaciologist. His primary objective on the expedition was the scientific glaciological investigations of the Khumbu glacier, located in the Khumbu region of northeastern Nepal between Mount Everest and the Lhotse-Nuptse ridge. With elevations of 4,900 m at its terminus to 7,600 m at its source, it is the world’s highest glacier.
Fritz and his colleagues were also some of the first to explore and study the vast and beautiful Canadian arctic. My grandfather earned his PHD from McGill University where he focussed his study on Axel Heiberg Island Arctic Research Station in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of what is now Nunavut. After attaining his PHD he continued to study in the Canada where he and his family, my gran, Barbara, my mum, and my aunt, lived, as well as the glaciers in his home country of Switzerland where the family later moved in the early 70s.
In 1980, my grandfather, Fritz Müller died due to a heart attack during a field excursion for journalists on the Rhône Glacier in Switzerland. At the time my mum was in her early 20s and it was still 6 years till I would be born.
Although I have never met him, I have a strong image of my grandfather pieced together through the stories I’ve heard. Recently I’ve been scanning and printing the kodachrome slides of his adventures and excursions to help me discover more of the man he was and share their beauty.
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2014 Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival, So You Think You Can Pitch

Hi pals!!
I’ve been narrowed down from 30 to one of 3 filmmakers to pitch in this year’s Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival ‘So You Think You Can Pitch’ Contest. Come out and support me and my co-producer Kayla McNally as we compete to get my new film off the ground!!



Here’s a wee sneak peak of what I’ll be pitching!

sneak peak for website


COME OUT AND SUPPORT US:  to Sunday November 9 | George Ignatieff Theatre