Charles Street Video Artist Talk – Wednesday Feb 25th

Hiya pals!! as a Charles Street Video resident I’m be doing an artist talk thursday February 25th to talks about my filmmaking process and show some of my past works and talk a bit about my new upcoming film The Ghost of Grandpa Tong! C’mon out!!


2014 Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival, So You Think You Can Pitch

Hi pals!!
I’ve been narrowed down from 30 to one of 3 filmmakers to pitch in this year’s Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival ‘So You Think You Can Pitch’ Contest. Come out and support me and my co-producer Kayla McNally as we compete to get my new film off the ground!!



Here’s a wee sneak peak of what I’ll be pitching!

sneak peak for website


COME OUT AND SUPPORT US:  to Sunday November 9 | George Ignatieff Theatre