My name’s Celeste. I am a children’s and youth filmmaker and the founder and creative director of Pennyfarthing Pictures Inc.  Working in children’s media and entertainment has always been my dream. My vivid imagination and a creative outlook on the world has helped me develop a colourful and unique style which distinguishes my filmmaking. I have written, directed and designed two independently produced children’s shorts: Paper Princes, Gypsies, and the Boy With No Return Address (2009) and The Intergalactic Space Adventures of Cleo and Anouk (2012). Both films played at numerous international film festivals across the globe. In 2013, I also wrote,

IMG_0462directed and designed two segments for Season 44 of PBS’s Sesame Street: ‘A’ is for Adventure and ‘O’ is for Ocean. I also have 6-years of experience working on various industry television and film productions in the art department and recently worked with Radical Sheep Productions developing children and youth properties, while at the same time writing 44 scripts for their preschool show Can You Imagine That.

November 10th 2014, Celeste won the Reel Asian International Film Festival’s ‘So You Think You Can Pitch – Emerging Filmmaker’ prize and will be shooting her new short, The Ghost of Grandpa Tong, early 2015!!

CELESTE’S DEMO REEL: Director/Writer/Production Designer

Edited for me by the AMAZING Nate Wilson:

Celeste Koon – Demo Reel from Pennyfarthing Pictures on Vimeo.


2015-2016 (DGC-Series)  2nd Asst. Art Director (Motion Graphics) – eOne  The Code Season 1
2015 (Short Film)  2nd Writer/Director/Producer/Designer – Pennyfarthing Pictures Inc.  The Ghost of Grandpa Tong
2015 (DGC-Series)  2nd Asst. Art Director (Graphics) – FOX  Damien Season 1
2015 (Feature)  2nd Asst. Art Director (Graphics) – Sienna Films  Unless
2015 (non-union series) Production Designer/Set Builder – Sinking Ship Entertainment Odd Squad
2014 (web series) Production Designer–Smokebomb Entertainment Camilla: Christmas Special
 2014 (DGC – Series)  2nd Asst. Art Director (Graphics) – Project 10 Productions / CTV  Spun Out II
2014 (Series) Writer/Director – Radical Sheep Productions Can You Imagine That?
 2014  Development Coordinator at Radical Sheep Productions 
 2013 (PBS – Short) Writer/Director/Designer – PBS Sesame Street  O is for Ocean Ocean
 2013 (PBS – Short)  Writer/Director/Designer – PBS Sesame Street  A is for Adventure
 2012 & 2013 (DGC – Series)  2nd Asst. Art Director (Graphics) – White Pine Pictures/CBC Cracked Season 1 and Season 2
 2012 (DGC – TV Movie)  2nd Asst. Art Director (Graphics) – Lifetime Network  An Officer and a Murderer
 2012 (DGC – TV Movie)  2nd Asst. Art Director (Graphics) – Lifetime Network  Sworn to Silence
2012 (Independent – Short) Producer/Writer/Director/Production Designer The Intergalactic Space Adventures of Cleo and Anouk
2011 (DGC – Series) 2nd Asst. Art Director (Graphics) – Atlantique Productions Transporter
2011 (DGC – Series) Art Department Trainee – ABC/Shaw/Sienna Productions Combat Hospital
2010 (Independent – Feature) 1st Asst. Art Director (Graphics) Mr. Viral
2010 (DGC – Feature) 2nd Asst. Art Director – Whizbang Productions Breakaway
2010 (DGC – Series) Art Department Trainee – Warner Brothers/Cartoon Network An Unnatural History
2010 (DGC – Feature) Art Department Trainee – Mulmurs Productions Score: A Hockey Musical
2009 (DGC- Feature) Art Department Trainee – Disney Channel Camp Rock 2
2009 (Co-production Doc) Production Manager/Director(Toronto Segment) World Health Organisation 1000 cities

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